Why Choose Lil' Kickers?

Lil Kickers

Lil’ Kickers is so much more than soccer. It’s about creating a special place for your child where they can learn in a supportive and non-competitive environment. It’s a place where they can come as they are and be accepted. It’s about coaching techniques that are child-friendly and focus on effort. It’s about a comprehensive soccer program that is just as effective as it is fun.

While you watch your child play during a Lil’ Kickers class you’ll notice the laughter and fun, but you will soon realize there is more going on than readily meets the eye. Lil’ Kickers is founded on renowned child development theory. We have hired child development professionals to ensure that each class is specifically designed to help children develop their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. But most importantly we focus on building your child’s self-esteem, which provides the courage to try new things on and off the field. When children possess that kind of courage and self-esteem, learning explodes and anything becomes possible!

Lil’ Kickers classes are also filled with highly creative and energetic games that can keep children entertained for hours. But, will your child learn soccer? Definitely. Each game has specific tie-ins not only to their developmental process, but also to the development of soccer skills—all while keeping them engaged in the class. Think about how much more fun it is to feed hungry hippos than just repeatedly shooting goals. Or how much more exciting saving the world from aliens than passing drills. So even though hippos, aliens, sharks and knights may appear to have nothing to do with learning soccer, this creative approach is exactly the type of teaching techniques children need at each age. In fact, research indicates that focusing on fun is the key to sustaining enthusiasm towards sports and avoiding burnout. So, the experts agree. Our approach works. Just ask any Lil’ Kicker!